Artful Matters:

Simply put, I have a passion for all things luxurious, fabulous and beautifully executed and could not keep myself from sharing these delights with the world.  Living an artful life has become an obsession of mine. Of course, it could just be my compulsive predisposition toward grandeur and form. I adore perfectly well-appointed details. I have a fondness for the past, in all its decadence and order. I can just picture myself in an old Victorian mansion, hosting well-to-do ladies in the parlor and gossiping over tea.

Sounds fabulous, right? 

So, why is it that we have strayed so far from that ideal? Why are basic social protocols barely even known?  Where has the eye for detail gone?

These are the matters I like to address, research and, now, clarify for the world, in my attempt to make it a more gorgeous and civilized place. If, like me, you enjoy the finer things life has to offer and have ever wondered where and whence they originated, why don’t we do that anymore or how do I live that life, then I invite you to join me on this journey. Let’s bring back the experience together, discussing everything from hosting parties, attending galas and the origins of etiquette and tabletop traditions, to my random thoughts — all things I feel people ought to know to successfully lead an Artful Life!