Artful Matters Speaker and Entertainer

Whether a private four-course culinary journey or classroom presentation, Trabert will dazzle your guests with a perfectly planned event full of insightful information and engaging conversation. Your guests will travel through the history of dining, entertaining and proper social protocol, making it approachable for everyone.

Trabert’s delightful knowledge and artful speaking topics range from historical facts on table-top and etiquette, afternoon tea parties, social protocol for black-tie events, to hosting business lunches and dinners. In the end, guests will not only understand the protocols for business and social events; but also, current and future trends for home entertaining – not to mention how to live an artful life!

Brand Ambassador and Artful Instructor

It is the goal of “Artful Living” to create real-life experiences through a hands-on approach to products and services. In a unique, entertaining and informative environment, your product becomes the highlight of the event, thereby creating an impactful memory in the eyes of the client.

This is a direct to consumer program that evolves from interactive presentations, lively speaking engagements, strong social media exposure and “product experience training”, all with one goal, to build upon brand imaging and increase revenues.

Justin will work directly with leadership, front-line sales teams and the end consumer to bring the heritage of a company to life. Your team will learn how to market the allure and distinct characteristics of your product.

Kids Club

This is not your Grandmother’s “Etiquette” class. Justin will entertain and memorize children of all ages as he informs a new generation from a protocol platform that is full of fun facts and engaging subject matters. This Club will not only educate but create conversations for a better understanding of where it all started, why protocol is the way it is and why it is an important tool for future success.

Event Coordinator

Live an “Artful Life” and be a gracious host with none of the work! Let Justin plan and execute the perfect event for you and your guests. His unique approach and expertise in fine-dining and event production will create a memorable and entertaining moments for all to experience.

Let your artful imagination run wild then turn it over to Justin to create a unique event that you and your guests will rave about for years to come.

Gala Auctioneer Extraordinaire

The act of presenting a live auction is delicate art form that requires an individual to know the fine balance between an amazing entertainer and great salesman. We have all been there . . . exciting and enticing items but an auctioneer with no flare or razzle dazzle – in short absolutely no Joie de vivre – to work the crowd and maximize money raised. However, Justin uses his vast experience in luxury retail to garner the most value from each of your auction items as he motivates and influences the crowd with his unique sense of wit, charm and presenting style. By the time all the items are gone, they will be begging for more!