Tea Caddie Gift

Never show up to someone’s home for dinner with wine . . . that is a gift-giving taboo!  I would never insult a dinner host by presuming they don’t know how to select their own wine by showing up with my own.  It is for this reason I love the concept of tea as a chic gift-giving alternative for dinner hosts, birthdays and even housewarmings.  With unique blends inspired by nature and botanicals, Tracy Stern Tea&Co. serves us tea with a twist.  Launched in 2015 by the glamorous New York Socialite, author of Tea Party and Tea for You and dear friend, Tracy Stern, this artisanal gourmet iced tea collection gathers inspiration from the “Godmother of Tea,” the Dutchess of Bedford, and her infamous tea parties.  Cleverly packaged in “tin caddies,” Tracy Stern Tea&Co. gives a nod to an era when tea was as good as gold and therefore kept under lock and key, making these caddies too fabulous for words.  Each caddie offers you six 2 Qt. bags of loose tea allowing for easy tea steeping – so effortless even I can make it.  Although you can serve as hot tea, I encourage you to stir it up, shake things up and serve it over ice with alcohol – you heard me right, alcohol.  Tracy’s Tea&Co. offers the next generation tea parties a wide range of iced tea recipes to turn any flavor into a delightfully sinful cocktail.  Cheers to that!